web marketing strategy

The average small business spends between 5-10% of its revenue on digital marketing.

When you spend that much money, you’d better make sure that your web marketing strategy is working. If you haven’t updated yours in a while, you’re definitely not using the most current and effective tactics.

In this post, we’re going to help you figure out if you need a digital marketing overhaul. With a successful online web marketing campaign, you can boost revenue and set yourself up for long-term success.

Strategic web marketing isn’t easy, so keep reading and you’ll understand what changes you need to make to get ahead of the competition.

Are You Optimized for Mobile?

The average consumer spends about 5 hours per day on their smartphone. Much of this time is spent looking at products and services. If you’re not optimized for mobile, then you’re leaving lots of potential customers on the table.

First, optimize your website. The more navigable and easy it is to use on a mobile site, the better the user experience will be. You should also be looking at local SEO, voice search terms, and content that is consumable on mobile devices.

How Long Are Your Blogs?

Social media and video content are becoming more and more crucial, but it’s still blogging that makes the biggest impact on small businesses. How often you’re blogging and the quality of the information you’re putting forward in your blogs is what sets you apart from the competition.

What’s most important in blogging is that you’re telling the reader what they want to know. Today, more emphasis is placed on longer posts that give readers a more thorough understanding of the topic they’re aiming to understand.

Post a long-form piece at least once per week and you’ll boost your brand and voice while appealing to current SEO guidelines.

Does Social Media Help?

If you’re not finding that your social media accounts are really helping you, you’ve got a problem. Nearly half of the world is on social media, which is simultaneously promising and daunting. It’s a huge audience to appeal to, but cutting through the noise is always difficult.

You can establish yourself by creating great branded content that takes advantage of what each social media platform does well. Post regularly, and most importantly, engage with your audience.

Do You Leverage Paid Ads?

Paid ads on social media, Google, and other blogs can do a lot of good for your online marketing campaign. A lot of business owners want to put money into digital advertising, but simply don’t know where to start.

This is when you can really start to see the benefit of hiring a digital marketing team to help you. Putting your money in the hands of someone that has a thorough understanding of the digital marketing landscape will help you yield better results.

Creating a Better Web Marketing Strategy

Is it time for your business to create a better web marketing strategy?

If you’re looking for a web marketing firm to help you craft a winning strategy, look no further than F22 Internet Solutions. Whether you’re looking for help with modern web design, SEO, or content creation, we’re here to help.

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