social media marketing metrics

In the abstract sense, most companies know their social media marketing metrics matter. What’s harder is knowing what exactly it is you should be paying attention to.

Today we’ve put together a shortlist of some of your more important metrics. While there’s plenty of use for diving deeper into your data, keeping these metrics in good standing will go a long way to making sure your social media marketing stays strong and meaningful for your company.

Important Social Media Marketing Metrics

At the end of the day, the social media marketing metrics that matter most are those that show your audience is engaging with your content. If they’re not clicking on your content and caring about what it’s saying, their actual views don’t mean much.

If you’re unfamiliar with these metrics or social media marketing as a whole, consider hiring marketing experts like those at F22 Internet Solutions. Our experts can make sure your content does what you want (and even explain the more complex social media marketing concepts if you’re seeking to understand them yourself).

Of the metrics one should watch, there are three (really four) that you need to keep in good standing:

Click-Through (and Bounce) Rate

For most posts, a high Click-Through Rate (CTR) is goal number one. This is a measure of how many people actually click on a link your social media accounts post compared to how many saw the post.

Meanwhile, your bounce rate is intrinsically linked to your CTR. This is the rate of people who click a link but then leave before meaningfully interacting with the linked page. The ideal is a pose with a high CTR and low bounce rate.

Engagement Rate

Your engagement rate is the rate of people who interact with a given social media post. This can represent commenting, liking, reacting, sharing, or any other way in which a pose gets engaged with.

Your engagement rate helps make your post more visible to other users. In fact, nearly every social media platform will semi-invisibly boost the visibility of posts with a high engagement rate, making it spread even further than users would organically be boosting it.

Conversion Rate

If a good CTR (and low bounce rate) is goal number one for a post, a high conversion rate should be goal number two. This is the rate of people engaging with a post where people end up doing what you want them to.

For many companies, this means making a purchase. For others, it may mean downloading content, watching a video, reading a blog article, or any number of things.

Conversions are the point of social media marketing for most companies. The only reason we have a high CTR placed above a high conversion rate is because you first need people clicking on your content if you’re going to convince them to do anything on the page you’ve linked to.

Your Metrics Matter

Social media marketing metrics matter. You live in a digital age where you’re not just competing with local businesses; businesses all over the world are competing for the attention of your potential customers online.

For many business owners, that fact is frustrating because marketing isn’t why they became entrepreneurs and it certainly isn’t their area of expertise. If you’d like help staying competitive in the online marketplace, we hope you’ll contact us! We can discuss what F22 Internet Solutions can do for you, answering any and all questions you may have.

Any business can get attention on the internet. It just takes the right marketing backed by skilled experts and a dedicated business owner!