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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective marketing techniques of 2018. Unfortunately, many businesses are struggling to find the best keywords for SEO. This will no longer be a problem once you learn the right tips.

Using SEO can be a great investment because it saves money and levels the competition. It also brings a higher return on your investment and higher profits. Last – and most important – it helps customers find your business.

These benefits will be hard to get if you don’t know how to choose keywords for SEO. As such, your business will have less visibility than you’d want. Moreover, it means people will have to look elsewhere for solutions you already have.

Keep reading to learn how to find the best keywords for SEO in your niche.

How to Choose the Best Keywords for SEO

As of April 2018, search engine Google had 86.3 percent of the market share. Others like Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu made up the rest. The challenge for marketers is how to choose keywords that rank high in these search engines.

Here are five tips to help you:

1. Brainstorm Keywords

The first step is to think about the content customers are researching. Brainstorm and write down the words you believe customers are asking about. This includes short and long keyword terms.

Focus on words used in your niche. For example, if you are in the milk business, the short keywords will be “milk” and “milk types”. Long-tail keywords will be “best milk types in [location]”. Get as specific as possible and narrow the keywords they may use.

Check alternative words, with the same meaning as your keyword. These synonyms could be better options for the keyword use in your content.

2. Use a Keyword Tool or Site

You can find many keyword research tools online. These generate a list of the possible keywords customers are searching for. Plus, the tools give you variations of the short and long-tail keywords you need.

Visit websites like Google Trends, or Google AdWords for keyword research. These sites show you the high-value terms for your niche keyword. They’ll show you the search volume and the historical metrics for those keywords.

3. Check the Competition for the Keyword

Use tools like Moz to spot the keywords with high traffic. Look at the search engine autofill list as well. They show the top-ranking keywords.

Such keywords have a lot of competition. As such, you’ll be battling many other sites to rank first for that specific keyword. You might not win that battle.

Try to focus on keywords specific to your niche and that relate to your business. This brings people who use the search query that is in line with what your business does.

4. Go to Industry or Q&A Websites

Go to websites in your industry or Question-and-Answer (Q&A) websites to find keywords. Here, you’ll see the language customers are using to describe their problems. Their words will provide the perfect keywords, which you can add to your content.

5. Track and Tweak Your List of Keywords

By now, you have a long list of keywords. Track and tweak them to spot keywords that are likely to start trending. This helps you rank for a term before your competition.

It also prevents you from falling into the trap of trying to rank many keywords. Just focus on the best ones in your niche and they’ll be more effective.

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Finding the best keywords for SEO will play a role in outranking your competition. This has great value in bringing new customers and boosting your revenues. Moreover, it will allow people to find your website and get solutions for their problems.

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