email marketing tips

If you’ve been putting off optimizing your email campaigns, you’ve been missing out. 80% of professionals say that email marketing helps drive customer acquisition and retention.

If all you’re doing is sending out an email here and there without a second thought, you aren’t making the most of your email list.

Setting up an email campaign seems simple at first glance. When you dig into it further, you’ll find that things aren’t always that simple.

Follow the six email marketing tips below to optimize your campaigns.

1. Keep a Schedule

Keeping a regular schedule for email can be tricky. You don’t want to send too many emails to your customers and be considered a spammer.

On the other hand, if you don’t reach out enough, you risk being forgotten. That’s why it’s essential to create a regular schedule that your audience can count on.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Do you think it’s a good idea to send an email promoting dog collars to people who own cats?

That’s a good way to get people to unsubscribe from your email list. Make sure you understand who the people on your email list are and why they subscribed. Give them content that is relevant to them.

3. Test Subject Lines

A bad headline can kill your open rates. If you want your email marketing campaign to be a success, you have to convince your audience your emails are worth reading.

Always test your subject lines so you can find the ones that lead to the best open rates.

4. Tell Your Readers What to Do

It doesn’t matter if you want your emails to increase your website traffic or promote a product. Each email you send should have a goal.

The problem is, it’s hard to achieve that goal if your readers don’t know what to do. Make sure to give them an action to take that points them in the right direction.

Don’t give your readers too many options though. One call-to-action per email is enough.

5. Keep Emails Mobile-Friendly

It’s tempting to spend a lot of resources to make your emails look great. But that time is wasted if your audience can’t read it.

66% of people now read their emails on mobile devices. Make sure they can read your emails too.

6. Don’t Write a Short Novel

Getting someone to open your emails is only half the battle. You need to keep your audience’s attention after they’ve opened your email.

It’s hard to do that if you give them blocks of text to read.

Keep your emails short and sweet. The point you’re trying to make should be clear and not take forever to understand.

Use These Email Marketing Tips To Help Your Business

It’s no secret. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers and drive sales. Use the email marketing tips above to test your emails so you can make the most of your email list.

But it isn’t always easy to give your email list the attention it needs. If you need help, contact us to learn how we can optimize your email campaigns.