wordpress website care plans

Your website is a fundamental asset to your business. It’s how you reach your audience, advertise your services, and facilitate transactions.

As with any business asset, the success of your website depends on the strength of your infrastructure.

If yours is one of the 43.1% of all websites that runs on WordPress, then WordPress is your most important business infrastructure. This is where WordPress website care plans come in.

These are paid service packages that will keep your WordPress site running smoothly, fully optimized, and always secure. Before you subscribe to a plan, here are the essential features to look out for.

Premium Content

The last thing you want is for your business website to look like a copycat of all of the other basic WordPress blogs out there. You want a site that looks professional, well-funded, and unique to you and your business offering.

With the right care plan, you can gain access to premium WordPress themes and fonts that will strengthen your visual brand identity and distinguish you from the crowd.

You will also gain access to WordPress plugins that will add enhanced features and functionality. The result? A better user experience for your customers.

Total Security

For all businesses large and small, security is a top priority. Cyber attacks are on the rise, costing businesses huge amounts in terms of stolen revenue, lost data, and reputational damage.

The best WordPress website care plans offer a range of features designed to boost your security and stay on top of current and emerging threats. This should include daily backups, spam protection, firewall protection, and eCommerce order spam protection for online storefronts.

Real-Time Monitoring

Your WordPress site is a digital organism. It’s constantly interacting with others, updating its own data, and growing larger with every visit and transaction.

This is why your care package should include real-time monitoring and maintenance of your site. This way, you can track your metrics and learn who is visiting your site and why.

Meanwhile, uptime monitoring will help you quickly identify and automatically resolve website errors as and when they arise. The best care packages are proactive.

Performance Optimization

Even the best sites can always be better. This is why performance optimization is such an important element of any worthwhile care package.

At a bare minimum, they should include any and all necessary and beneficial updates. It should also include speed optimization features such as enhanced formatting and reduced asset sizes.

These features are designed to keep your website running smoothly and running error-free. This way, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your customers are always enjoying a smooth experience on your site.

WordPress Website Care Plans Tailored to You

There are many, many WordPress website care plans out there. But not all are created equal. You need a plan that offers you the security, speed, features, and attention to detail you deserve.

For this, we can help you. At F22 Internet Solutions, our team of WordPress experts is on hand to ensure that your site is a well-oiled machine, one that attracts the right visitors and turns them into loyal customers.

Get in touch to find out exactly what we can do for you.