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Around 90% of internet searches conducted worldwide are done using Google. Harnessing a slight portion of this search traffic can transform your business. But where do you begin?

One way is by getting to the top of the results pages. Read on as we give our guide on Google SERPs.

What Is a SERP?

A SERP is a search engine result page. When you type a query into Google, the page that appears is the SERP. Due to Google’s algorithms, each one is unique even when identical terms are typed in.

For example, asking for the best burger in your area will bring up different results depending on where you are. This can also change depending on other demographics and factors. Essentially, Google is trying to provide the most relevant information for each user based on what they already know about them.

Types of SERP

When the search page appears, there are a number of results that can be shown. Sponsored results are ones that advertisers have paid for. They are often shown at the top or bottom of the page and are clearly labeled as paid search results.

Organic results are ones that are presented as part of Google’s algorithms without paid intervention. These results serve the person with the intent of providing the most relevant, informative content.

Google knowledge panels appear at the side of the page. They will give small pieces of information to help enhance the search.

Rich features are visual elements on the page. They include carousels and featured snippets.

Why Are They Important?

SERPS are important as they drive search traffic to websites. If you are at the top of the SERPs when people make an inquiry, they are more likely to visit your page. From here, you can try to convert them into sales, collect advertising revenues, or complete any conversion your website needs.

Targeted Keywords

To get higher in the SERPs, you need to understand the concept of the keyword. This is a word, or term typed into Google. In a very general sense, if you have that keyword on your page, you have a chance to appear in the SERPs for that search.

Targeted keywords are the ones you actively try to appear for in results. As well as including the word or term in blogs and webpages, there are other factors you can do to increase your chances of appearing. This is known as search engine optimization (SEO).

Finding the right targeted keywords is an art form in itself. You need ones that have a high search volume, so they are constantly appearing before the right number of people. However, you also need to consider how much competition is vying for that targeted keyword.

Google SERPs

Now you know about Google SERPs, you can try to rank for a keyword. It is not easy, and the requirements change constantly. If you don’t have someone in your company to do it full-time, you should consider outsourcing.

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