When it comes to making sales online, half of the battle is attracting traffic. The other half of the battle is convincing that traffic to make a purchase after it has arrived. 

In order to do the latter, you must employ excellent landing page copy. But what does good copy look like when it comes to landing pages? We’re going to tell you below. 

Be Simple

Similes, metaphors, and turns of phrase have their place, but a landing page isn’t it. Landing pages need to be clear, concise, and easy to follow, not flowery, wordy, or overrun with literary devices. In short, they need to be simple. 

If the reader can’t easily understand what’s being said, it’s not an effective landing page. The key is to get in the reader’s brain and allow the information to be processed quickly. This is not the place to get clever or cute with your writing. 

Take Advantage of Customer Testimonials

One of the biggest factors of marketing a product successfully is showing social proof. If a potential buyer sees that the product being marketed has benefited someone similar to him or her, he or she will see its value and will (in many cases) make the purchase. 

This is why you should take advantage of customer testimonials when designing your landing pages. A positive customer testimonial shows that your product is worth buying. As such, it and it alone is capable of making the sale.

Discuss the Benefits of the Product

In most cases, when someone buys a product, they’re not buying the product itself. They’re buying the benefits that the product provides. 

This is why, when creating landing pages, you need to discuss the benefits of the product as opposed to the product itself. Don’t waste time (or space) reviewing measurements and materials. Use that time and space to discuss the value that the product can bring. 

Make It Conversational

You’re writing a landing page, not an academic essay. As such, the tone of your writing should be conversational in manner, not robotic and technical. 

Don’t be afraid of using slang terms. Don’t shy away from asking questions. Sound like a human being and other human beings are bound to respond. 

Remember the Call to Action

If there’s any piece of advice you’re going to take from this article, it should be this one: always put a call-to-action on your landing pages. The call-to-action is the direction that potential buyers need in order to make a purchase.

If there’s no call-to-action available, the reader has no idea what you want him or her to do. As such, he or she will just as soon click on to the next tab. 

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