Fifty/Fifty Petrel Tournament

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Charleston, SC

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Only RELEASED billfish will count towards points for the tournament. Any boated billfish will be disqualified regardless of the situation and will not earn points towards the tournament.

Points System: Blue Marlin – 300 points | White Marlin – 200 points | Sailfish – 100 points

Completed release affidavits must be turned in to the weigh in committee by 7:00 PM on that day of fishing. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The mate touching the leader (not the double line) or the swivel reaching the rod tip constitutes a successful release.

Tagging is not required to earn points towards the tournament but is encouraged.

All billfish releases must be reported to a committee boat. In the case of a tie in release points, the winner will be determined by earliest time of release.

All federal and state regulations shall be applicable to the catch, handling and release of billfish. All natural baits deployed in the Petrel division must be with CIRCLE HOOKS!

Committee boats will be announced at the Captain’s Meeting.

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