Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary

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Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary is a 501c3 that provides sanctuary for dogs and cats with no other home or shelter, rescues and cares for animals in need of assistance for the remainder of their lives, including providing proper shelter, nutrition and medical care.

What we do:

  1. Provide respite and rehabilitation for dogs and cats preparing them for adoption, and a loving forever home to those unable to be adopted.
  2. Perform community outreach in our area of Hollywood and Ravenel, two of the under served areas of Charleston County.
  3. Provide food, medical services, spay/neuter, vaccinations and general wellness care.
  4. Provide long-term care and a loving, final home for those animals whose adoption may be difficult due to age, medical or emotional issues.
  5. Reinforce the human component of the human/canine/feline relationship in a respectful way by recognizing and honoring the fact that people’s love for their animals transcends economic circumstances and cultural differences.