Many website owners saw painful traffic numbers after the recent Google Helpful Content Update, and that volatility has continued. It’s left many businesses wondering what’s next for SEO and whether there is a way to regain some of that all-important organic traffic.

Backlinks have always been important, and that hasn’t changed. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some of the best link acquisition strategies.

Editorial Links

If you write an original and exciting piece of content and gain traction, other website owners might pick it up.

When they refer to your article on their website, that’s an organic link, sometimes called an editorial link. Because a site editor values the content, it’s a strong signal to Google that you have an article that should rank well.

Guest Posts

One of the most well-established ways of getting links to your website is to write a guest post on another reputable website.

You can do this by approaching site owners and pitching an idea for an article, or you can go to more well-established news websites that offer the chance to be a guest writer on their site.

Always link your writer’s profile to your website using this strategy to maximize the SEO impact.

Backlink Partnerships

Partnering and collaborating with other business owners is a valuable starting point for building backlinks. For example, you can create a joint event and link to the information on each other’s website.

That’s also a great marketing tactic. Business partnerships can help you build credibility in your industry, which supports your SEO efforts and bolsters brand awareness.

Business Directories

There are many established business directories where you can list your company details, phone number, and website address. These are valuable tools for lead generation and have the bonus of helping with SEO.

The directories often have a long history and a good domain authority, plus it’s an easy, low-effort way to add a link to another website.

Links from Education and Government Websites

Some of the highest quality and most coveted links come from well-established places of authority. The top of that list includes government websites ending in .gov and education and university websites ending in .edu.

If you can secure a link from these sites, they will help you build credibility about your website. The best way to ensure a link is to have a valuable resource or piece of research that these sites want to reference.

Internal Links

Remember to have plenty of internal links for SEO. These help search engines determine your site’s topics and keywords for your Google ranking. Always include several internal links for each article you publish.

Link Acquisition: Keeping Your SEO Efforts Going

SEO might be all about great content, but it’s hard to get noticed if no one has heard of your content. That’s why link acquisition continues to be crucial. It’s the proactive way to tell people about your website. A backlink strategy is fundamental to SEO in 2024.

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