Within the next year, it’s estimated that there will be over 31.7 million bloggers in the United States alone. If you want any chance of standing out from the crowd, you need to avoid old and tired trends and step up with the successful blog trends of the modern age.

Because the fact is, “modern” on the Internet means the current year. Forget the trends of three years ago, last year, or even a few months ago.

So keep reading for the current trends that all of the most successful blogs are using.

1. Video Content

By the end of this year, video content will account for 80% of global internet consumption. All eyes are on video, so get yourself a piece of that by incorporating video into your blog.

The possibilities are endless with this: you could do how-to videos, video testimonials, instructional videos, videos demonstrating how to use your product, video-blogs (aka vlogs), and more.

Get creative here! Video is getting big so it’s important to follow the trend. But, you also want to make sure that your videos stand out from the sea of cat and prank videos to make a real impact.

2. Long-Form Content

The big push of the past few years has been on short, easily digestible content. Just take a look at our article from a few years ago pushing you to make things as minimal and easily digestible as possible.

But now, it’s all about rich, informative, long-form content. People want to read content that provides them with info they’re looking for that also has a dynamic and interesting story.

And it doesn’t hurt that Google’s algorithm prefers longer content, which means long-form blog posts have a better chance of ranking higher on search engines.

3. Sell Your Own Service Instead of Promoting Others’ Services

Many bloggers rely on brand deals, sponsorships, and partnerships in order to make money. But with the huge rise in the number of bloggers with large followings, brands have a huge amount of options, which is going to make it harder to land these brand deals.

That’s why bloggers are starting to sell their own product or service instead. Take away the risk of not finding a brand to work with and instead directly use your audience to sell to.

If you’re writing blog content for your business already, keep it up. We predict that this trend is going to be favored with certain adjustments to search engine algorithms in the upcoming year, so keep an eye and ear out for any new info on SEO and blog marketing.

4. Create and Share Content Across All Social Media Platforms

Blogging used to be only about posting on your blog. Now, it’s about integrating all social media platforms into and around your blog.

When you post an article, share it on your Facebook. Tweet about your new post. Craft an Instagram promoting the article.

If you make video content for your blog (like we suggested earlier!), post it on your YouTube channel, your Snapchat story, your Instagram, etc.

This will help your blog reach wider audiences, especially since the majority of both Gen Z and Millennial consumers are depending on social media for their information and advertising needs.

Use These 2019 Blog Trends to Grow Your Audience

Whether you’re a fashion blogger or run a plumbing business website, these blog trends will keep you relevant as a truly modern 2019 blog.

Like we said earlier, though, trends can change on a dime. What was considered the hottest thing on the Internet last night might be old news by the morning. Keep up to date on all the latest info on our blog.

You can also contact us if you need any help navigating all these new trends.