WordPress has become the go-to for building and hosting websites. It’s ease of use and low learning curve have allowed it to power 30% of the internet, a presence that’s still growing.

One key feature that has made WordPress so attractive is how easily it implements SEO strategies. With proper SEO being an integral part of page building and content creation, this collection of tools is essential to the success of any site.

Keep reading to learn the best SEO for WordPress.

SEO Friendly Themes

Something that has really allowed WordPress to stand out right from the beginning is the use of themes. Themes are layouts developed for specific niches, whether they’re for news blogs, photography pages or music sites. They manage the heavy-duty backend work, allowing an easy-to-use graphic interface to design the page.

Having the backend managed by professional developers means that your page clears the hurdles of quality of coding and quick-to-load times. A poorly coded page that takes ages to load will be recognized as inferior by search engine algorithms. Using a theme guarantees you that the behind-the-scenes work is up to snuff.


Adding a plugin to your sire is as easy as downloading it through the Plugins tab on your admin page.

Like with themes, these plugins are expertly engineered to ensure stable and consistent use, covering a variety of needs.

Yoast is an excellent SEO plugin that allows you to make important changes to your site with ease. Your URL permalink and search engine snippet are all easily customized with this plugin. It also monitors your keyword usage and offers suggestions to improve your WordPress SEO.

Link to Old Posts

Backlinks are incredibly valuable for boosting your SEO. The more sites direct back to your content, the more valuable your content appears to search engines (Quick note: not all links are equal. Sites with low value that link to your content may actually hurt your SEO ranking).

A content strategy is important as it allows you opportunities to link back to other articles on your own site, allowing the site visitor to easily find relevant information. WordPress makes this easy to do.

Optimize Your Media

Rich media, otherwise known as images and video files, is a huge boost to your SEO. It’s considered to be very attractive to searchers, and therefore should be treated with care. When adding rich media to your WordPress site, you can edit the materials and make adjustments to better optimize your content.

Any attribute that can be edited to better convey the message of the content should be modified. You want your materials to be easily read by search engines so they can properly recognize it’s value.

Final Thoughts On the Best SEO for WordPress

Managing your onsite SEO with WordPress is as easy as creating your content. It’s intuitive, allowing you to optimize as you go, creating powerful content that’s valued by search engines.

If you have any questions about getting the best SEO for WordPress out of your site, or in regards to any other concerns with your webpage, drop us a line. We’re always here to help.