30 Email Newsletter Topics You Can Use Right Now

  posted originally August 18th 2014 | 30-brilliant-email-newsletter-topics

Newsletters are possibly the most established form of online marketing. They’re an effective method of promotion that hit so close to home – right inside a customer’s email inbox.

Many website owners and small businesses are hesitant to start a newsletter because it may seem like too much work and hassle.

Here’s a comprehensive list of 30 ideas for newsletter topics that you can use for your own emails. Go over the list, choose the ones that fit your business model or content plan, and get ready to hit the “send” button.

30 Email Newsletter Topics You Can Use Right Now

 The Ultimate List of Newsletter Topic Ideas

  • “Season’s greetings”: Christmas, the Super Bowl, Spring’s arrival after a long Winter – events and holidays that capture the public’s attention can always inspire good ideas for an email. All you need to do is find the right angle for connecting the event to your brand.
  • “Come mingle with us at this event!”: Planning on attending a conference or presenting your business in a public workshop? Invite your subscribers to meet up and interact with you eye to eye.
  • “When was the last time you told someone you loved them?”: Yes, some people need reminders to do a simple thing like tell their loved ones that they love them. Use this as an opportunity to highlight how your brand is all about love and affection.
  • “Here’s a fun fact we bet you didn’t know before!”: Educate your subscribers with a random, fun and memorable fact that is related to your field of expertise. Choose something that people will be happy to add to their trivia knowledge.

Fun Facts

  • “It’s our anniversary”: Announce your business’ birthday to your followers and invite them to celebrate with a special offer.
  • “Expert tip on the house”: As a business owner or service provider, you can speak as a reliable authority in your field. Use this strength to offer your subscribers a tip that only experts know.
  • “Let’s go on a virtual trip together”: Short informative text on how a certain aspect of your field or industry is commonly practiced somewhere in the world. A wine store in Chile, for instance, can explore the wine drinking habits in Australia. The options are endless.
  • “When we were young…”: Times were simple, but then again, we didn’t have the awesome products/ services/ knowledge that you offer today on your site! Your take here is to situate your brand or business either as a continuation or a break with the past.

When we were young

  • “We’re throwing a kick-ass party and you’re invitied!”: Celebrating a special event? Make sure your fans and customers are there with an email invitation. Don’t forget to add a RSVP form so that you can keep track of your guest list.
  • “Tell us your wish”: Request feedback from your subscribers – is there anything they want to see on your product line? Is there something missing on your website? Show them that your newsletter is an opportunity for a dialog.
  • “Just had to share this with you”: A funny video, a motivating story, a useful piece of advice – anything that feels like a friendly correspondence that you would share with a group of acquaintances.
  • “The List: Top 10 Ideas For…”: Lists are a great way to compress information for the modern online reader. Come up with a concept that is related to your brand’s content world but that can also appeal to broader audiences. This way you increase the chances that your subscribers will forward it to their friends.

30 Email Newsletter Topics You Can Use Right Now3

  • “What happened when Jane Doe tried our services”: Testimonials and client reviews are a powerful marketing method because it tells real stories of real people. If one of your clients has a unique experience to share, spread the word to your subscribers to gain extra trust (with the permission of the original author, of course).
  • “New on the shelf!”: Spotlight a new feature, a new product or a new service. Don’t forget to include fabulous photos!
  • “Coming Up”: What’s on your calendar for the next week or month? If you there’s anything exciting around the corner, it’s a good opportunity to reach out to your subscribers.
  • “New blog post published!”: If you keep a blog, make sure you notify your audience about new releases that you published.

New blog post published

  • “The best things in life are free”: How about offering your subscribers a special offer for a free item? You can attach a coupon code or a gift certificate that is valid for a limited time only.
  • “Let’s connect!”: Share with your subscribers about all channels of communication they can reach you through: mail, phone, links to social channels, and invite them to keep in touch.
  • “Check out our new design!”: Introducing a makeover in the office, a logo redesign, or a fresh look for your website? Tell your fans and followers about it with a brief newsletter and ask them for their opinion.
  • “Last minute deal!”: Here’s an experiment. See what happens when you throw an online deal for a few hours only! Send an email to your followers in a reasonable hour and promote a once-in-a-lifetime sale that they just can’t say no to.

Last minute deal

  • “Recent studies show…”: Educate your subscribers about a recently published piece of data that is relevant to your industry. The point of this email should be to show them how your product or brand offers a solution to an issue that is pointed out by the study. Show your followers that you offer a relevant and valuable service.
  • “Ecological tips”: Have you ever advised your customers how to recycle your products’ packaging? Or did you introduce some of your favorite environmental conducts around the office? Take the opportunity to share your concern to mother earth in a friendly email.
  • “Surprise Surprise!”: A special offer for the adventurous clientele – offer them a surprise package for a price of their preference. You choose what they will receive and ship it to them. It’s like getting a present!
  • “Frequently Asked Questions”: Save yourself and your subscribers some time by sharing with them the questions that are most common amongst your audience and customers, and don’t forget to share the answers as well, of course.

30 Email Newsletter Topics You Can Use Right Now6

  • “Doing good and spreading joy”: If your office staff or team of employees is involved in a charity of any kind, informing your subscribers about these activities is a wonderful way to show them another side of your brand, as well as to promote the organization that you’re volunteering with.
  • “In the making”: Are you preparing for the introduction of a new feature, a new product or a new service? Give your subscribers a sneak peek and let them feel like VIP viewers.
  • “Invitation to a webinar”: A webinar is a “web seminar”, an online class given by an expert and viewed by users in the convenience of their own home. You can offer your subscribers an online session of tips and guidance around your field of expertise. You could use Google Hangouts as a platform to host the webinar.
  • “What’s trending”: Noticed an interesting tendency in your field or industry? Share your thoughts about it as an expert in an email. You can point out the positive and negatives and offer advice to your readers on how to know if this trend is right for them.

What’s trending

  • “Our secret recipe for…”: The reason most sentences who start like this end up sounding like empty cliches is because they lack real substance. If your brand or service actually is about making people feel happy, be more successful, find an answer or even just looking good, then you can can use this formula with no worries.
  • “Think local”: If you have a brick-and-mortar business that relies on the local community, show your subscribers the advantages and benefits of shopping local in a friendly email. You don’t have to focus only on your brand. Position yourself as part of a movement and an idea.