website maintenance

Spending a lot of time and money to create a website wouldn’t make much sense if you were just going to forget about it. There’s a responsibility in routinely maintaining your website so that it’s as successful as you would like it to be.

Optimally, you should perform site maintenance every two weeks to a month to make sure things are operating smoothly.

Here are the tasks involved in regular website maintenance.

Reviewing SEO and SEM Analytics

Reviewing and analyzing your website’s analytics is essential to running a website.

If you’ve recently changed up SEO tactics and you check your analytics only to find decreasing audience numbers, this can show you that a tactic isn’t working. Analytics can be incredibly helpful in guiding you to solutions for your SEO website problems.

Perfecting your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is also important. This will help your website gain visibility in search engines so it’s more easily reachable for visitors.

Sandbox Testing Is Website Maintenance

When you’re adding new pieces of code to your site during website development and maintenance, you should test it to make sure that everything works as it should. One way to do this is by working with sandbox testing during your website maintenance.

This way, you can thoroughly check if the new code works before placing it in your site. If you don’t test it, you run the possibility of damaging your entire site.

Make Sure Your Site Is Cross Browser Compatible

One thing you might not automatically think about doing is to have your webmaster make your website cross browser compatible. What this means is that your site functions properly on every different type of browser. This can help you have a site that’s accessible to everyone.

You’ll want your website to be compatible with mobile or tablet device as well. Your website developer can assist you in customizing your site to work on these devices as well as it does on a computer.

Check All of Your Images and Links

As a website updates frequently and on a consistent basis, there is a chance that different links can break over time or images can get lost. This is because over time you make changes to the site by deleting irrelevant, once active link pages and images resources.

When people click these links, nothing pulls up. There are automatic link checking systems that can go through your site and make sure that all your links are active and working.

Image replacement is also something that you can have your webmaster focus on fixing during maintenance. This is helpful if, like the links, images that are on your site are no longer available to use.

This can result in opening a page with a blank area where a picture should be. You’ll need to have new images embedded into the site to replace them.

You’ll Thank Yourself Later

Website maintenance is incredibly important because it makes sure that you don’t experience any problems in the future. It can also help you make positive changes to the website now that can help make the site successful in the future.

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