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For several years now, pundits have been predicting the death of email. With the rise of social media ads and chatbots, why would you venture into inboxes anymore?

But that’s looking at the situation the wrong way. It’s predicted that people will send and receive over 347 billion emails every day by 2022.

Email marketing is still a straightforward way to get your products and services in front of the people who need them.

Maybe you’ve eased off on your strategy — or you don’t have one at all. Are you wondering why it is important to have an email marketing strategy? Read on to learn four reasons.

1. Email Beats Social Media for Exposure

Your customers might follow you on social media. Thanks to the algorithms of these platforms, they may never see your posts.

If your post doesn’t get much interaction, it won’t get boosted up their feed.

When an email lands in their inbox? It sits there waiting for them to open it when it’s convenient for them.

Don’t worry if you feel like social media is a better way to engage your customers. By sending your subscribers the right content at the right time, they’re more likely to take action.

These emails, driven by how your customers interact with your brand, are the future of email marketing.

2. Email Offers Better Value for Money

Traditional forms of advertising like billboards and TV spots cost a lot of money. While you can choose your location or time slot, you’re still putting your ad in front of people who may be the wrong audience.

With email, you can build a targeted list since people sign up because they’re interested in your offer. It costs far less per message to send an email, making it a more cost-effective form of marketing.

3. It Is Important to Get Subscribers to Act

Social media posts are easy to scroll past. Maybe a customer might like a post or two.

By comparison, email encourages subscribers to do something. Click a link to find out more, or tap a button to add a product to their basket.

Even simple newsletters can ‘train’ subscribers to click through to longer blog posts or vlogs about a topic.

This is the importance of email marketing — getting subscribers to do something that turns them into customers.

4. Email Gives You Mountains of Data

We don’t mean the obvious data, like how many people opened your email or clicked a link. These statistics are nice but they don’t give the whole picture.

Other data is more important. Which link did subscribers click? How many links did they click in your email?

Use this data to improve your emails going forward. A/B testing lets you check which language subscribers prefer and which wording, images, or format gets the best results.

It might sound mercenary to create emails based on data. Think of it this way — if you send emails customers enjoy opening, then it’s a benefit to them, too.

How Is Your Email Marketing Strategy Working?

Now you know why it is important to have a good email marketing strategy. Capturing email addresses on your website can help you turn casual browsers into customers.

All you need is a reason for people to sign up and a great series of emails. Do you need help to improve your email marketing?

Contact us today and find out how we can help.

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