how to write a newsletter

You’re beginning an email newsletter, but maybe your not sure where to start. Email newsletters can be a great way to market towards customers…when made correctly. We’re here to show you how to write a newsletter.

Email marketing is a great way to communicate with your customers, reminding them of you and your products or services. Keep reading for a guide to how to write a newsletter that will wow your subscribers.

Capture More Email Addresses

Before you begin putting work into a newsletter, you’ll want to make sure you have a decent-sized audience. A great way to get more emails on your mailing list is to create an email capture on your website.

Give website visitors an incentive to enter their emails, such as a percentage off their first purchase. Not only will this lead them to enter your mailing list, but it will also increase their chances of making a purchase with you. The more emails on your subscriber list, the more people you can reach out to about your product or service.

Start With a Good Subject Line

While the subject line may seem so small in the scheme of things, it’s the main thing that will determine if someone opens your email or not. So make it interesting! Even if you have thousands of subscribers, it doesn’t matter if you only have a small percentage of people opening the email itself.

Personalization is a great way to make your subject line more relatable and interesting to your customers, such as including their name. This will make the customer feel that you are engaging with them directly.

Another great idea is to create a sense of urgency in your subject matter, compelling your customer not to miss out on whatever offer is inside.

Curate with Branding and Structure

You want to make sure that your customers can easily identify your company and brand within your email. Go for a template that showcases your logo, your company’s motto, and your companies color scheme. You’ll want to make sure the tone of your email is also on-brand with your company’s character.

Make sure your email is clean, crisp and organized. Lead your reader in with a clever hook.

Creating an email that is light on text, and heavy on inviting, eye-catching images is a great way to make sure your subscribers aren’t getting lost or bored by your newsletter, which may cause them to unsubscribe. Keep things interesting, helpful and engaging to make sure your customer continually opens your emails.

While your opening hook is important, so is your closing. End your emails with a CTA (call to action), leading them to a link to your website.

How to Write a Newsletter Your Subscribers Will Love

When creating your newsletter, keep these tips on how to write a newsletter in mind. More subscribers can lead to more purchases and more profit for your company.

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