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WordPress currently powers over a third of the internet. So when they bring out a new update you know, it is going to be good. They cannot afford to roll out anything but superior quality work.

That being said, are you ready to upgrade your site to use the current WordPress version or are you happy with what you have?

Keep reading to learn more about WordPress 5.0 and whether now is the right time to upgrade.

What is WordPress 5.0

Before thinking about moving to the new update, you need to understand what is in it. How does it differ from previous WordPress versions?

The first big change is the new Gutenberg editor. No, they haven’t hired that guy from Police Academy, but they have re-designed the way users can edit their sites. Content editing and creation have been rebuilt for this new editor, and that alone is a strong new feature.

The other features that form part of this release are:

  • The move towards higher site intuitiveness for an even easier site building experience
  • Technical improvements to the APIs which will make it even easier for developers to build bigger and better applications using a WordPress framework.
  • Reduce technical knowledge is now needed for theme design – a benefit of the aforementioned Gutenberg editor.
  • Performance Improvements

Should You Upgrade to WordPress 5.0 Now

The real question isn’t about whether you should upgrade or not, but rather when it should be done.

The update came out at the beginning of December, and unless you have a burning desire to revamp your site immediately, you might be best waiting for a short period before you do it.

The current WordPress version is solid and does what it needs to do.

When an update comes along that changes such a substantial part of the base offering, as is the case with Gutenberg, it is a good idea to hold off and familiarize yourself with the tool first.

You need to consider the impact of this update on your current site and your plans. If a lot of rework is required how does that impact your roadmap and plans? Can your current theme accommodate Gutenberg or do you want to start from the base up with a whole new site design?

If you can answer these questions positively, then go for the 5.0 update. Otherwise, wait until you are sure you can do so problem free.

There’s Nothing Wrong With the Current WordPress Version

The truth is that for millions of people the current WordPress version is good enough for what they need. There is nothing wrong with sticking with it for a little while longer.

Just know that when the times comes to make that jump, you are not going to be doing it alone. We have the skills and knowledge to help you make this transition smooth.

From web design to SEO and maintenance, whatever you need we are ready to help. Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about upgrading your site to the best version of WordPress there is.

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