When you search for something on the internet, are you looking for out-dated results containing irrelevant information? Of course not. If you want to drive traffic to your website and convert visitors into customers, you need to think about the content you offer. You need to make your content evergreen. If you’re wondering, what is evergreen content, it’s content that stays fresh year-round, like the needles on a pine tree.

Creating relevant content is a part of any successful content marketing strategy. Creating evergreen content is beneficial to SEO, it’s not hard to create, and it helps drive traffic and boost your bottom line. Read on for some tips on evergreen content creation.

What Is Evergreen Content?

Simply put, this content stays relevant. News articles and movie and music reviews lose relevance quickly. Any current, trending topic gets stale fast, and of course, content related to season or holidays has limited relevance most of the year.

The reason evergreen content is so effective is all about internet traffic. When a piece of content gets published, it has an initial spike in traffic which declines pretty fast afterward. The goal with evergreen content is to keep that traffic steady after the spike. Even a basic understanding of web analytics will bear this out.

Understanding SEO

Most business owners are familiar with SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, happens when search engines crawl the web in search of content. Web pages and keywords get indexed, retrieved, and delivered as search results.

This happens every time you perform a search, like “best places to fish near Orlando” or “renting a boat in Dubuque, IA.” Good evergreen SEO involves using relevant keywords, internal and external links, and providing what search engines determine is of value to the user. The search algorithm also judges previous traffic, which is why yesterday’s news becomes less and less relevant.

To use one of the previous evergreen content examples, “best places to fish near Orlando” will remain relevant. “Where to host your next Christmas fishing party in Orlando,” will not have relevance year-round.

What Is Evergreen Marketing?

This content has high value and should be a part of your marketing strategy.

It can be a real timesaver when you are temporarily out of things to promote on social media. It also works well for blog posts and guest blog posts for industry-related websites. It’s good for content in email marketing newsletters and to link to from landing pages and blog posts.

Tips for Creating Evergreen Stories

Here are a few tips for using evergreen content:

  1. Avoid using statistics and studies where the results change over time.
  2. Build content around frequently asked questions.
  3. How-to guides and industry advice are great for evergreen pieces.
  4. Content-based on industry principles, definitions, and concepts work well.
  5. Refresh content and update information as needed.

We hope that answers your questions about what is evergreen content. If you need help integrating this or any SEO concepts into your content and marketing strategies, contact us today.